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Andorra based company with business strength and healthy company culture, profitable market opportunities with a technology business based on a product and services that challenge modern customer problems. 

What we do

There are many ideas and technologies, but the most exceptional ones can not find the way to investor and most can not meet the full scope of investment criteria. It takes more than a wonderful idea and technology for your business to reach investors attention.

Finding the solution

A clear description of the problem that your business is trying to solve in the market

Potential Clients

Clearly understand the customer segments and competitive landscape in your target market(s).

Sustainable advantage​

Committed to find protected technology or a business model that will provide sustainable advantage for the customers.

Financial return

Detailed and transparent financial plan with reasonable scenarios supported by the valuation of the current investment.

Execution plan

An experienced management team with a through and credible execution plan, withe a team leaders in their field.


Being forthright, transparent, and accessible, understanding what investors want, and delivering it consistently.

World´s premiere solution to IMO202 

The world’s premier solution to IMO 2020, the largest and most significant issue facing the marine fuel market today.

IMO 2022

Learn how the new sulfur regulation (IMO 2020) in marine fuels will affect global demand and cause major shortages in the market.

Discover Our Breakthrough

Learn about the value that we offer and why our company is positioned for significant and unmatched growth.


We have experts in process engineering, strategic planning, technology development, refining, project execution, sales, project finance and intellectual property.

Fuel Saving System

Fuel Saving Systems for all types of engine and plant that use petroleum, oil, fuel oil or gas (LPG or LNG natural gas), and all types of boilers.

Fuel Saving System for heating and industrial processing

An unique system for monitoring, control and reduction of consumption of all types of fuels (petrol, diesel, propane and other oil derivates, both liquid and gas).

Fuel Saving and Fleet Management System

The fuel saving and fleet management system (CFSS) is the perfect solution for reducing the overall transportation and stuff costs and a powerful tool in the hands of company management.

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What is it IMO 2020?

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Heavy Fuel Oil

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Marine Fuel Solutions

What is Heavy Fuel Oil?

Heavy fuel oils are mainly used as marine fuel, and HFO is the most widely used marine fuel at this time.

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Investment opportunity for those who want to add significant values

Investing for a better tomorrow, We focus on influential issues that are likely to impact the long-term value of an investment.